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Total Leisure & Events Limited is able to provide as much or as little event management support as is required by our clients. We are able to provide advice and guidance to companies and individuals that may be struggling to organise an event, or for people who do not have the required contacts in the industry or time to carry out planning. In order to present our clients with a more enhanced knowledge of event management, we have provided some tips for event planning and organisation.

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Written below is a detailed checklist of all areas that need to be addressed when organising an event. The information is designed to help our clients cover all bases when conceiving an event, to ensure that TLE meet the clients brief, fulfil their expectations and organise an event that is a resounding success.

Planning Checklist:

  • Numbers: If the event relies on having a certain number of people, for example a golf day with teams of 4, always have people in reserve who can attend at short notice due to the possibility of people backing out at the last minute.
  • Teams: Always plan what teams, if any, are required for the event, as well as the make-up of these teams. This makes it easier to make amendments if people back out whilst also ensuring the desired effect of the event will be a success.
  • Timing: Let all guests attending the event know the desired start time and arrival time (if this differs from the start time). Also provide maps for any guests who might not know the area or location where the event is being held.
  • Clothing: The required attire will be dictated by the type of event, in addition to the time of year for outdoor activities. It is recommended that all guests wear casual clothing with trainers or boots while also bringing wet weather gear in case it rains. If the event is to be held in the summer bringing a hat to shield from the sun is also recommended.
  • Prizes: All prizes should be arranged well in advance to ensure delivery of them before the event. If you need any guidance or advice with ordering prizes, we will be more than happy to offer our assistance.
  • Catering: All catering and meal choices should be organised and chosen well in advance of the event. It is also paramount that any vegetarians, vegans and dietary requirements are catered for on the day, so this information needs to be found out as soon as people’s attendance has been confirmed.
  • Insurance: Always check the insurance cover that you have in place to ensure that all eventualities are covered for. In some instances, personal accident insurance may be required in order to ensure all guests are covered for any accidents which may occur. For more information regarding insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Feedback: We aim to provide an enjoyable day for all attending and welcome any feedback you may have as this helps us to ensure we are continuously improving and maintaining the high quality service we offer to our clients.